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The Breeder’s Standard® 2022

The Breeder’s Standard® 2022 - The Best Gets Better!

The Breeder’s Standard® 2022 is here. With new power to maintain your pedigrees breeding and competition records. With even better recordkeeping.  We continually make the best even better!

Here are the new features in TBS 2022:

Keep your records Ship-Shape: Compliance Management with Kennel Analyzer™.

Make sure that your record keeping passes the audit! The Breeder’s Standard® 2022 features the Kennel Analyzer, which looks to make sure that the information called for in AKC and USDA regulations is present.  So when you get that visit from the auditor, you know that your records are in order.

The Analyzer lets you double-click on any issue it finds, and you can go straight to the right place to fix the record.  It even tells you what you need to do to make your records complete.

Kennel Analyzer is on the Kennel Tab, in the section marked “Compliance.”

Also in that section you will find quick one-click links to the whole-kennel editions of the Animal Ownership Report and the "Record of a Litter produced By” reports.

Better Reports with the New Next-Generation Reporting Engine.

The Breeder’s Standard® 2022 has a new reporting engine. You now have more power, faster reports, and much better formatting.

The new reporting engine starts off with an easier and self-explanatory interface, which can expand into a full tool bar, making it much easier to navigate reports.

The new reporting engine also is speedier, and most importantly controls page flow better. This is seen most clearly in the Profile report, especially when you create profiles that have lots of text.  See this preview zoomed out:

HoleFinder™ - Find Missing Ancestors.

The Breeder’s Standard® 2022 continues the tradition of the Pedigree Hole Finder, now named HoleFinder™.  Whereas previous versions simply gave you a report of animals missing sire or Dam, HoleFinder gives you the power to interactively search a pedigree for missing ancestors, and fill in those ancestors on the spot.

TBS 2021 HoleFinder

HoleFinder™ also includes an easy to use pedigree hole map. Green Dots indicate ancestors present. Red dots indicate ancestors missing. Hover over the dots in the hole map to see information. Click on Green Dots with one or more Red-Dot parents to add ancestors with a very fast popup. Here is a video to show you HoleFinder™ in action!

Choose your Color.

tcs2021color1 tcs2021color2
tcs2021color3 tcs2021color4

TBS 2022 offers you fifteen color schemes to empower you to personalize your program. Make the program your own.

PedCabinet™ for Everything.

tcs2021color1 tcs2021color2
tcs2021color3 tcs2021color4

The Breeder’s Standard® 2022 has PedCabinet™ available for:

  • Dogs
  • Litters
  • Contacts
  • The Kennel Itself

You can keep a litter's veterinary receipts attached to your litter, your sale contract with John Smith attached to Mr. Smith, Katy’s original pedigree certificate attached to Katy, and your kennel’s phone bill attached to your kennel. The possibilities are endless, and, as long as you have the PedCabinet™ add-on, all of the new options are all fully supported.

Import from Delimited Files


You can import a CSV or other delimited text file directly into The Breeder’s Standard® 2022! TBS 2022 supports all of the following delimited formats:

  • CSV (Comma Delimited)
  • TAB (Tab Delimited)
  • Pipe (|) Delimited
  • Any other delimiter you can type in.

Our built-in help gives you detailed and easy instructions how to map your text file to your TBS 2022 database and do the import. Escaping from “competing” programs has never been easier.

Make TBS 2022 Your Own.

TBS 2020 New Look

Choose the fields you need to add or change. Choose the fields on your lists and the order in which they appear. The Work with My Dogs page now supports user-resized columns as well as user-select and ordering.

More features, more power.

The Breeder’s Standard® 2022 includes more Powerful features than any other breeding kennel Program.  One program serves all of your recordkeeping, pedigree, competition and reporting needs.

TBS 2020 New Look

Available Now!

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Download Today.

You can download TBS 2022 and see for yourself. Download the Next Level of Awesome Today. Click Here.

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Order Today!

The Breeder’s Standard® 2022 is available immediately. First time purchases are $119.99. Upgrades from older versions of PedFast Technologies™ Programs are only $65.99.

You can purchase the program from our secure online website at, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Frequently-asked Questions

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I just bought the 2021 program!

No worries! We’ve got you covered. If you bought the 2021 program on or after May 25, 2021, you will receive a free upgrade to TBS 2022. It will be automatically delivered by August 5, 2021, and any CD or USB media not already shipped will be the new one with the 2022 program on it.

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How hard is it to upgrade from 2012-2021?

Super easy. Just install TBS 2022 and open the .PTPED database file. You will also retain backward compatibility with the latest patches of TBS 2020-2120 for at least 90 days from August 1, 2021.

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What is needed to run?

You need Windows 8, 8.1 or 10, and you need at least 4GB of RAM and 100MB of disk plus the space for the database file (which depends on how much data you have.

The Breeder’s Standard® — Others promise what we’ve already delivered.